Climate change – the perspective of our girls is of paramount importance

Climate change – the perspective of our girls is of paramount importance

On 11 October 2023, FSNet-Africa celebrates International Day of the Girl Child with Chiko Gandidzanwa, an inspirational girl child in the FSNet-Africa network.  

In the video below, Chiko passionately discusses the profound impact of climate change and outlines crucial actions required to mitigate this global challenge. 

As we commemorate International Day of the Girl Child, it’s imperative to recognise that the repercussions of global climate change affect girls around the world. Escalating temperatures, increased numbers of extreme weather incidents, and surging sea levels threaten ecosystems, communities, and economies globally. While the 2015 Paris Agreement aims to limit the increase in global temperatures to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, it’s abundantly clear that we must take bold and immediate measures to curtail further temperature increases. Climate change mitigation is a task that involves every segment of society, including our youth, and especially our girls, who hold a pivotal role in addressing this crisis. 

As the generation that will bear the brunt of climate change’s consequences and chart its course in the future, the perspective of our girls is of paramount importance. Their climate advocacy often stems from local concerns, which are intrinsically linked to issues that resonate globally. Moreover, their efforts shed light on a range of social justice themes, encompassing universal access to electricity, responsible water conservation, bridging the technological divide, fostering job opportunities, empowering girls and women, and promoting sustainable food systems. 

During the FSNet-Africa Stakeholder Engagement Dialogue, which is taking place from Monday 16 October to Wednesday 18 October, we have the privilege of sharing artwork and video recordings from the youth within our network, inspired by Chiko’s message. Their perspectives serve as a powerful reminder of the critical need to reduce our environmental footprint and underscore that their future, as well as the future of girls worldwide, hinges on the solutions we implement today. This International Day of the Girl Child, let us pledge to support and empower our girls in the fight against climate change, recognising their immense potential as change-makers and leaders in building a sustainable future for all. 

To see the contributions that the inspirational youth have made in their message on climate change, and to learn more about the work that FSNet-Africa is doing, join us at the Stakeholder Engagement Dialogue. Register for it here: