Meet our FANRPAN Nodes

Meet our FANRPAN Nodes

Stakeholder engagement is crucial in order to ensure that research is relevant and impactful and that outputs reach the intended recipients. To achieve effective stakeholder engagement and co-creation of research, the FSNet-Africa team is supported by nodes linked to one of the project’s lead partners – FANRPAN (the Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network). These nodes form part of FANRPAN’s multi-tiered network throughout Africa. The FANRPAN node representatives and country-based contacts (in the case of Ghana) provide the first point of contact between the FSNet-Africa fellows and relevant food systems stakeholders.

Mr Kojo Ahiakpa

Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana

Prof. Emmanuel Osafo

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Mr Joshua Laichena

Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis

Ms Tendai Saidi

Civil Society Agriculture Network

Mr Bonani Nyhodo

National Agricultural Marketing Council

Ms Vivian Kazi

Economic and Social Research Foundation

Mr Masiye Nawiko

Agricultural Consultative Forum in Zambia