Dr Agnes Mwangwela

Dr Agnes Mwangwela is a food scientist with over 20 years’ experience in teaching food science, food product development, and food analysis at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). From 2013, she has served as Dean of Food and Human Sciences and is currently the College Director of Bunda College. Dr Mwangwela obtained her MSc and BSc from the University of Malawi and a PhD in Food Science from the University of Pretoria. She currently leads food composition data compilation and management in Malawi and is a seasoned researcher who has been awarded various prestigious research grants. Her research work has been published in local and international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Mwangwela has extensive experience working in collaborative projects supported by international development partners (such as USAID, UNIDO, EU, and JICA), farmers, and food-processing companies. She has provided consulting services to private companies and public value-addition programs such as One Village One Product (OVOP). Currently, Dr Mwangwela is the Focal Point for the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP), which is a consortium of MSU and ten leading African universities that are committed to working in equitable partnership to transform lives and address global challenges.