Dr Chewe Nkonde

Dr Chewe Nkonde is a member of faculty and head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension at the University of Zambia (UNZA). He holds a PhD in Agriculture and Resource Studies from Michigan State University, an MSc in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, and a BSc in Agriculture (Soil Science major) from the University of Zambia. Before he joined UNZA faculty in 2008, Chewe worked for the Conservation Farming Unit and the Zambia National Farmers’ Union to promote best practices and link farmers to better output markets. At UNZA, he teaches theory and applied economics courses for undergraduates, research methods and field courses focused on trade, and policy analysis for postgraduate programmes. His research interests include agribusiness development and entrepreneurship, agricultural markets and policy analysis, and issues at the nexus of food and nutrition security. His current collaborators include both local and international partners in academia, research, and civil society. He has published a number of peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, and technical reports and has been serving as Managing Editor of the Zambia Social Science Journal since April 2020. For the FSNet-Africa project, Chewe serves dual roles as both the UNZA Institutional Champion and one of the fellowship mentors.