Dr Gerald Yiran

Dr Gerald Yiran is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana. His qualifications include a PhD in Geography and Resource Development, a Master’s in Geography and Resource Developments, and a BSc in Geodetic Engineering.

Dr Yiran’s areas of specialisation include geographic information systems/remote sensing; vulnerability/adaptation to climate variability change; land degradation/land use and land cover change; sustainability studies; urban studies; and quantitative research methods.

Some of the current research projects/programmes Dr Yiran is involved in include:

  • Climate Change Resilience in Urban Mobility
  • Multi-Scale Flood Monitoring and Assessment Services for West Africa (MIFMASS), GMES, and Africa Support Programme.
  • Land, water, and energy programme (under Education for Sustainable Development in Africa [ESDA]).
  • Enhancing resilience to climate and ecosystem changes in semi-arid Africa: An integrated approach.
  • An assessment of climate change and peri-urban/urban agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Tamale.

Dr Yiran is the Country Coordinator (UG), Next Generation of Researchers (NGR-Africa); member of the Ghana Geographical Association, the Ghana Environment Information Network Steering Committee, ECOHEALTH, and the Environment and Natural Resources Research Unit (ENRRU); and a fellow at the Centre for Urban Management Studies.