Dr Selorm Dorvlo

Dr Selorm Dorvlo is a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Ghana. Selorm is a dedicated, fast learner who is motivated to create and implement innovative solutions. He is a professional engineer with specialisation in sustainable agricultural mechanisation, and his research focus is on creating innovative, sustainable solutions for agricultural production. He has developed four major sustainable agricultural mechanisation systems, published seven journal articles, and participated in two international conferences. He has supervised over 10 students to develop simple agricultural machinery and systems. His past research includes development of a sustainable mechanisation strategy for rice production as well as development of a biomass stove for palm oil production to be utilised by local artisanal palm oil processors in Ghana. He has consulted on sustainable mechanisation, including for the development of Ghana’s National Agricultural Engineering Policy and Strategy Document. Selorm also volunteers in the mentoring of young talents who seek to develop business ideas for attainment of the SDGs. Outside of work, you are most likely to see Selorm listening to music or playing games.